Genital Skin Tags or Genital Warts

When you have bumps on the genital area, it can be hard to tell exactly what they are. There are so many things that can cause bumps on the genitals. However, two of the most common causes of genital bumps are genital skin tags and genital warts. These bumps have different causes and therefore, should be treated differently. Before you begin treatment is it critical you determine if you have genital skin tags or genital warts.

What do Genital Skin Tags Look Like?

Genital skin tags are unique in their appearance because they are small flaps of tissue that dangle off the surface of the skin. These flaps are attached to the skin by a narrow stalk of tissue called a peduncle. Genital skin tags are normally flesh colored or sometimes they can be brownish in color. The surface of these skin tags are normally smooth or slightly wrinkled.

These skin tags do not cause pain. Sometimes, they may become irritated if clothing rubs against them. Genital skin tags do not grow larger over time, and they are not harmful to you if left untreated. Genital skin tags do not appear in the inside the vagina.

What do Genital Warts Look Like?

Genital warts are small bumps that can appear anywhere on the genital area. These warts can start out small and increase in size if not treated. Genital warts can be flesh colored, or they may be brownish. The surface of these warts can be rough, resembling a cauliflower.

These warts are not usually painful, but they can produce itching. Unlike genital skin tags, genital warts can get inside the vagina and on the cervix. The biggest concern with genital warts is they are caused by a virus called HPV. This virus is very contagious. It is easily spread from person to person during sexual contact. Some strains of the HPV can cause cancer.

Genital Skin Tags or Genital Warts Treatment Options

It is very important to know if you have genital skin tags or genital warts before you begin treatment. The best option for genital wart removal is to have your doctor do it. Women who have genital warts should always have a pap test every year to monitor for cervical changes.

Genital skin tags should be treated carefully. If you do not want your doctor to remove your genital skin tags, your best option for at home treatment may be a natural skin tag removal that can be found online suck as Amoils skintag removal (here). These natural skin tag solutions should be safe to use on the sensitive skin of the genital area. Keep in mind, these natural solutions can take several weeks to eliminate genital skin tags completely.