How To Identify and Remove Skin Tags on Penis

Skin tags are small flaps of skin that are attached to the surface of the skin via a stalk of flesh. It is estimated that almost everyone will have a skin tag at some time in their life. The causes of skin tags are many, and they can appear virtually anywhere on the body. However, skin tags on penis are a very sensitive area to have these bumps. It is important to learn more about penile skin tags. There are other conditions that can cause bumps on the penis. Below are links to topics on this page.

1. What Do Skin Tags on the Penis Look Like
2. What Causes Penile Skin Tags
3. Penis Skin Tags Removal

What do Skin Tags on the Penis Look Like?

Skin tags on penis resemble tiny pieces of flesh that appear to be hanging off the surface of the skin by a stalk of tissue. These small tags are normally the color of flesh. However, it is not uncommon for them to be dark brown or even black.

Penile skin tags can appear on the shaft of the penis. They may also appear on the head of the penis and on the scrotum. Some men may  get skin tags around the anus and on the thighs. The main cause for concern with penile skin tags is they can become irritated from the friction of clothing, lovemaking or masturbation. If skin tags become irritated, they can itch, bleed or even become painful.

Before considering treatment of penile skin tags it is extremely important to confirm the bumps on the penis are really skin tags. There are other conditions that can produce penile bumps.

  • Genital warts. This is a common condition that is often mistaken for skin tags. Genital warts are highly contagious, and they are caused by the HPV virus. This virus produces warts all over the body. There are particular strains that produce specific types of warts. Certain strains of the virus have been linked to penile and anal cancer. Therefore, any bumps on the genital area should be checked out by a doctor.
  • Angiokertomas. These are small red or purple spots that can appear on the shaft or scrotum. They are not infectious nor do they require treatment.
  • Cysts. These are small nodules that usually appear on the scrotum. They may be filled with a cheesy or chalky looking material. These types of bumps usually require no treatment.
  • Lichen planus. This condition will produce small shiny pink bumps on the head of the penis. This condition is not infectious or harmful and usually goes away on its own.
  • Herpes. This sexually transmitted disease produces small bumps that turn into painful blisters. There is no cure for herpes. The bumps will come and go. A herpes outbreak can be treated with antiviral medications.

What Causes Penile Skin Tags?

There are several theories on the causes of penile skin tags. Illegal steroid use has been linked to skin tag development. Other causes include friction of skin against skin, obesity and hormone fluctuations. Heredity is considered a huge factor in the development of skin tags.

The thing to remember most about skin tags on penis is they are not dangerous nor are they contagious. Men who have penile skin tags do not need to get them removed unless they are embarrassing to them.

Penile Skin Tags Removal.

Once you know you are dealing with skin tags, Penile skin tags can be removed by a specialist or at home. One popular method is to use a natural skin tag removal serum that you apply to the skin tag several times per day until it drys up and falls off. One such cream is Amoils – You can learn more about amoils and their guarantee to remove skin tags by clicking here.

Another method is to tie a string around the base of  the skin tag to cut off the blood supply to the tag. This will cause the skin tag to fall off.

Other individuals have applied apple cider vinegar to the skin tags. This will eventually cause the skin tags to wither away. Full strength apple cider vinegar must be used with care because it can cause skin irritation, especially on the sensitive tissue of the genital area.

One thing that should never be tried at home for penile skin tags removal is clipping them off or cutting them off. The genital area is a high risk for bleeding profusely due to the robust blood supply. It is also a high risk for infection.

There are over the counter homeopathic creams available that claim to treat skin tags on penis. Before purchasing these creams, make sure the ingredients are all natural. This will decrease the risk for skin irritation and other adverse reactions. You can learn more about amoils and their guarantee to remove skin tags by clicking here.